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*New Order - ag
Machine mover company
class 4 driver cum general ửoker
 Male 1
*Age: 40 below
*salary: $2600
*lodging provided ( every month deduct 650 as lodging fee)*
*working hours 12 hours per day, 
2 off day per month,
*have singapore class 4 license and know how to use GPS* 
*fluent in english (speaking, writing, listening)*
*NO OT CLAIM( executive level )*
***physically fit as need to perform general work sometimes 
*worker must obtain class 5 driving license (all fees to be paid by worker) within 1 year from commencement of work in singapore*
*employer will send worker to crane operating course (all fees to be paid by employer)* 
*nett salary: $1950

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